Senior Android Developer
Babel Sistemas de InformaciĂłn

Currently working mainly in two projects of Santander Deutschland (Santander Banking and SantanderSign) performing maintenance and evolution of both applications. Occasionally I collaborate on other projects that require additional assistance, like Renfe Ticket. Regarding the applications of Santander Deutschland:

  • I improved the stability of the application by increasing the percentage of error-free sessions from 82% to 99.4% in two months.
  • I increased the code coverage from 37% to 81% by doing instrumental and unit tests.
  • Code refactoring: increase readability and improve the structure of the code; technical and functional documentation; improvements in smoothness and speed.
  • I make sure that the mobile banking application is always up to date in terms of library versions in order to take advantage of the new functionalities that are included.
  • I improved the security and integrity of the application by performing actions such as: encrypting sensitive user information, avoiding the use of modified devices and code obfuscation.
  • I created two data mocks, one static and one dynamic. I made them because of the limitations to connect to pre-production environments. Both are written in Golang.
Alpine Android
Lightweight Docker image for testing and compiling Android applications

Docker image based on Alpine Linux for testing and compiling Android applications. Thanks to Alpine you can get a lighter and less heavy image than Debian/Ubuntu based images. The base images in Alpine JDK8 and JDK11 are 244.43MB and 331.21MB respectively. The final size of the latest Android 11 version is 525MB for JDK8 and 615MB for JDK11, while in Debian/Ubuntu they can exceed 2GB.

There are several versions available: from Lollipop to Android 12.

It has 200,000+ downloads from Docker and 100+ stars in GitHub.

Steam library expense management

The functionality of this application is to give the possibility to keep track of the expenses made by the users of the Steam platform.

This project is divided into two parts. The server part, written in Kotlin, using the Ktor web framework and the PostgreSQL database. On the other hand, the client part is written in TypeScript and Vue.js.

Pocket Pokédex for Android phones

Developed in Java and without previous knowledge of Android. A simple application that showed the list of all available Pokémon up to the 7th generation and gave you the possibility to visit different websites to see the information.

Currently unpublished from Google Play, it reached more than 700,000 downloads with a rating of 4.02.